Oh, the places you'll go - oh, the things you'll see...


A History of Communications 35,000 BC - 1998 AD ::: nice linear record of various forms of records

Taxonomy of Communications ::: good stuff

San Francisco Clear Sky Clock ::: an interesting UI and presentation of seeing factors for observatories. check out the other clocks link for more observatories.

RIAA Radar: Search ::: come on people - if you're gonna swap music, at least check if it's on their radar.


The constitutionality of the "F" word ::: fucking hilarious

craigslist housing trends ::: looks like a good time for apartment hunting


melodistik ::: interesting usb mp3 storage device

Xentex Technologies ::: clamshell notebook - wild


www.commutercars.com ::: here's the guys who make it

this two-person, commuter concept car could very well alleviate air pollution ::: this is cooler!

ABS - Bamboo Bicycle ::: now that is cool

Optical Illusion ::: no, they're not moving


IndyJunior Flash Mapping Module ::: map fun for your site

infogargoyle ::: ubiquitous cameras soon

She's Got A Chicken To Ride ::: a misheard lyric animation

Professional Batman Fanflick ::: a fun batman spoof

One Possible Future for a Music Business That Must Inevitably Change ::: Robert X. Cringely paints an interesting scenario.


localfields ::: sounds from the Musicbox

DSP Musicbox ::: an inexpensive delivery mechanism for intricate algorithmic and generative music

Nelson Bay, Halifax Park Australia - underwater panorama ::: makes me want to scuba

Bali - Tulamben wreck underwater panorama ::: arrrrr matey!

ReplayTV's New Owners Drop Features That Riled Hollywood ::: and so it goes...

The Sensetable Project ::: and here's the background information on the interface to Audiopad.

CNN.com - Michael Jackson: Don't jail downloaders - Jul. 22, 2003 ::: the man in the mirror takes a stand!

Audiopad Videos ::: sweet - from MIT Media Lab.

US names the day for biometric passports ::: oh, you mean terrorists don't have passports? Whatever! Just sounds like more Big Brotherism to me.

AURORA BOREALIS ::: a fantastic collection of photographs

Telly: The Entertainment Computer ::: what's on the telly?


Web-A-Sketch ::: online game from your childhood

End of line for Bug that became icon ::: bye, bye beetle...

Overlooked lakes offer summer fun ::: a little article about bay area and california lakes you may not know

Sony Breaks Ground With New PDA ::: more on the new clie


GIS City Map - Grand Junction, Colorado ::: Grand Junction is on it

The City Of West Palm Beach GIS ::: West Palm Beach gets it

Benny Benassi - Satisfaction ::: wanna know why guys like power tools?

Mobile Asses.com ::: the real reason for camera phones.

matrix pingpong ::: and you thought they used million dollar computers...

CTRL A Images ::: make some hidden images for Internet Explorer

I was ejected from a plane for wearing "Suspected Terrorist" ::: a political button gets him removed. too funny!


Is It Just My Imagination? ::: rorschach inkblots form unique passwords

Sony adds wireless to new handhelds ::: here's the official release of the clie

Howard Lovy's NanoBot ::: a nanoblog


New CLIE PEG-UX50 sports Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and more ::: kinda weird - but in a good way

New cable boxes play DVDs, MP3s ::: come on comcast - we need this.

Satellites help wine growers ::: who says growers don't like birds?

ideo.com :: Our Work :: Without Thought: e-Fashion ::: some hip techno fasion


New Memory That Doesn't Forget ::: magnetoresistive great word - even better, great technology that could change the way we work with devices.

Totally Random ::: yeah baby - doesn't this make you randy!

Bionic Eyes Benefit the Blind ::: move over 6 million dollar man!

Where Is Everybody? The Wireless Network Might Know ::: wifi triangulation for location

New Kind of Snooping Arrives at the Office ::: who's watching your wifi?

notlong: Web Sites That Shorten Long URLs ::: url-shortener roundup

Microsoft wins Homeland Security deal
::: that is our territory

RUSTBOY ::: the making of

Coherence Engine : on being watched ::: thoughtful commentary on the social outcome of reality tv

Cannot find Weapons of Mass Destruction ::: I wonder why?

Worlds smallest 128mb USB storage ::: talk about tiny - they say they'll have 256mb in the same dimensions soon.


Techdirt:The Chili Peppers' Sour Grapes Over iTunes ::: thrill or shill - what say you?

JDMCOX Software ::: doug makes some interesting software

MoodLogic ::: i've been checking this thing out. it organizes your music according to a number of subjective measures, and can then generte playlists ased on statistical recommendations of similar stuff. pretty cool.

The LPFM Fiasco: Micropower Radio and the FCC's Low Power Trojan Horse ::: let's talk about pirate radio and free airwaves

Publish books for Free ::: print on demand for everyone!

Fujitsu creates 800x600 PDA LCD ::: great idea to triple the resolution of lcd screens

Davis Automotive Overview ::: info from the maker

Review: DriveRight CarChip ::: my can wants this

Geocaching - The Official Global GPS Cache Hunt Site ::: the full story

Pleasure Hunt / 'Geocaching' buccaneers pursue hidden bounty throughout Bay Area as GPS-based game catches on ::: nerds armed with gps!

Microsoft buys online map competitor ::: more on that

Microsoft Scoops Up Location-based Solutions Firm ::: stumbled upon some old news...

MS DRM is pure smoke ::: maybe MS is on the consumers side of this fence? hmmmm... nah!


Free Wi-Fi Cafes in San Francisco ::: surf and sip

The McGriddle ::: yum!

Fight the Fingerprint! ::: do you know where your social security number was used today?

No Cards Shoppers ::: more on this topic

CASPIAN - Consumers Against Supermarket Privacy Invasion and Numbering ::: is big brother in your grocery cart?


Finally, a purpose for nanotech to turn on average Joe: Big-screen TVs ::: nano-assembly about to go live

Review: Nomad Zen 60GB ::: including how to hack a larger hard drive

Big Brother Gets a Brain ::: scary!

Gallery of Fluid Mechanics ::: interesting

NITLE Weblog Census ::: worlds most comprehensive blog crawler - download the entire blogosphere as a database!

SYNTHETIQUE [ effets spéciaux - animation ] ::: motion capture animation


SYNTHETIQUE [ salle de projection | bizarre love triangle ] ::: uh, huh!

Spectacular Attacks ::: cool, dark, flash comix

'INK': ANDY SPARROW'S NEW STRIP ©1983-2003 ::: cool amature comix


Semi-living artisit ::: cultured rat neurons creat art - weird!


Microsoft to halt stock options / Tech giant to give shares as expense ::: oh yeah!

Former FCC chairman's plan: broadband in every home
::: here's my $20

Wired 11.08: The Super Power IssueThe Antigravity Underground ::: lifter!

Switch on for powered data networks ::: gimme the juice


J-PHONE ::: details of the phone in english (mostly)

Sharp J-SH53 ::: this phone i need (yes it's in japenese - get over it!)

Caplio Pro G3 ::: 3 megapixel, cf card based, gps, bluetooth, wifi digital camera. when can i order!?!


Hacker competition fails to bite ::: no big hack attack

EPA probes Massachusetts over car pollution ::: more bostonian shenanigans.

Zumanity ::: a new vegas cirque du soleil

Brushing right after drinking soda may harm teeth ::: let me guess - the study was sponsored by a soft drink maker?

AOL enters the blogging arena ::: ready, set, primetime!


The quest for the killer mobile app - beyond UIs, browsers ::: more on the Picsel browser

Earth to Andreessen: browser innovation is at hand ::: check out Picsel

Cellphone that shows both sides of the story ::: organic light emitting diode displays - can be viewed from both sides.

Hubble Heritage Astronomical Image of the Whirlpool Galaxy M51 ::: whirlpool galaxy

Hubble Heritage Astronomical Image of Spiral Galaxy NGC 4622 ::: spiral galaxy

Hubble Heritage ::: supernova remnant

The last resort (part one) ::: scary - read part 2 too


The Spiders ::: truly great comix - graphics, story, creative use of web. enough said - read it!

Exotic wood decking & Fasteners ::: good source of ipe' accessories

Headcote deck screws ::: stainless steel deck screws with color coated heads


News: Gator pops up with court win for grab ads ::: bad news - very bad

Corbis sues Amazon ::: or, Gates smacks Bezos

LidRock ::: mini-cd/dvd as a drink lid